At Rock Up Rock Out, we pride ourselves on making the process of booking entertainment for your party as easy as possible. If you need help, you can call us on 0333 772 0339.

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions:

  • How do I hire a band/act?

    Once you have chosen which of our acts you feel would be right for your event it’s time to make an enquiry! This can be done using our online enquiry form but we’d be delighted to hear from you personally so feel free to pick up the phone and call us any time during our office hours. We’ll need to know when the event is and where it is taking place, what type of event it is and how many guests you are expecting. We recommend making a small shortlist of your favourites, giving us a few options should your preferred act unfortunately be unavailable. Once we have passed on all the necessary information regarding the booking to the act we will have a finalised quote and get back to you straight away.

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  • How do I pay?

    If you’re happy and ready to proceed a small deposit will be needed to secure the booking. This can be paid to us either by debit/credit card, cheque, internet transfer or BACS payment. The remaining balance is normally paid direct to the act by yourself on the day of the event. At your request we do offer the option for you to pay in full upon confirmation of the booking or up to 48 hours prior to the event, taking care of all payment arrangements on your behalf.

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  • Can you help me with choosing a band/artist?

    We certainly can! And we take great pride in talking our customers through the range of amazing talent we have here at Rock Up Rock Out Entertainment. If it’s help you need choosing the right act to play the songs you want to hear, or anything else we can do to help make your party absolutely perfect, then we are always here and love to talk so give us a call any time!

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  • Why should I book through an agency?

    You should always book through a respectable agency to ensure quality of entertainment and eliminate the risks incurred booking outside of one. It is our responsibility to ensure that the highest quality and most professional acts are made available to our clients. We work closely with all of our artists and know exactly who is representing us on our shows.

    We offer expert advice and make all the arrangements on your behalf therefore taking away all of the pressures of organising live entertainment leaving you to do what’s most important: have a great time!

    All of our contracts are watertight and as one of our valued clients you will be totally protected should any unfortunate circumstances arise. In the highly unlikely event of there being a problem with one of our artists due to illness on the day of the event you are in safe hands. Should such a rare situation occur we will have the problem solved and a suitable replacement in place instantly. Booking a band directly would not offer this level of security so therefore booking through Rock Up Rock Out Entertainment will avoid many risks on what could be one of the biggest days of your life.

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  • What reassurance can you give me regarding the booking?

    All of our bookings come with legally binding contracts between our clients and artists. This ensures that once a deposit has been taken and contracts have been signed by all parties, the act is legally obligated to perform at your event. In the unlikely event of a cancellation falling outside of force majeure our clients are legally within their rights to sue the act in question for damages.

    All of our acts have public liability so are fully insured and have up to date PAT testing on all equipment used during the show.

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  • What would happen if the artist needed to cancel?

    It is an extremely rare circumstance but one worth taking into consideration as to what would happen should the band cancel on the day of the event. Should such a situation arise the band would need to provide proof from a certified source that reasons fell within force majeure. Should such proof not be obtainable, bound by our contracts that protect our valued clients, you would be legally entitled to sue the act for unlimited damages.

    However, booking through an agency like ourselves does give you the security that if such a situation was to arise, we would be on to it straight away and have a suitable replacement at the ready even before you were aware of there being a problem. This means that even in the most unlikely of circumstances you can be rest assured that the evening’s entertainment would never be in jeopardy.

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  • What happens if I need to cancel?

    As the client you are legally bound to fulfil the obligations detailed within contracts signed by both yourself and the act at the time of the booking. Should you wish to cancel the booking for reasons outside of clause force majeure then cancellation fees graded on the amount of notice given prior to the event as well as loss of deposit would apply. Details of these charges can be found in our terms and conditions page and within the contracts prior to being signed.

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  • How do I contact the artist?

    From the initial enquiry and until the event we will make all arrangements with the artist on your behalf. Any amendments to your booking will be dealt with by ourselves and we will inform the act accordingly. You will however be contacted by the artist 3 weeks prior to the event allowing them to introduce themselves personally and discuss any final arrangements or finer points with you regarding the event.

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  • What do I need to provide for the act on the night?

    The act will need the required power supply and agreed amount of space to safely set up any necessary equipment as discussed with us when making the booking. Most venues regularly accommodate live entertainment so usually there isn’t much to worry about and they can advise you upon booking the venue as to what their normal procedure would be. We are always willing to liaise with both yourself and the venue to ensure everything runs smoothly and no problems are encountered on the day.

    For an evening booking 1 dinner per member and soft drinks are also required. This is common practice when hiring a band/entertainer as a typical day from leaving home until returning is often 12 hours and over. Access to a buffet or hog roast is normal and where this is not possible a small fee should be given to the band/performer to make their own arrangements.

    The artist will also require a room to get changed in and wait for their performance time.

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  • How much time do the band need to set up?

    Each band is different dependant on size, however on average we would recommend 1 hour and 30 minutes to be allocated to the band to set up and sound check. This will ensure that the band have enough time to set up their equipment safely and spend adequate time perfecting the sound so that they can deliver the performance of a lifetime from the outset.

    All prices for an evening booking are based on a standard 5 o’clock arrival and midnight finish. Should you require the band/entertainer to arrive earlier in the day than our standard arrival time, to be set up prior to your guests’ arrival, an additional fee of £10 per hour per band member will be charged for this service.

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  • Will the band learn a song for us not in their repertoire?

    Most bands/singers offer a service to prepare a particular song that is not in their standard repertoire, for example for a first dance. It is at the discretion of the band as to whether there is a small fee for this or if it is part of their service, thus making them more attractive to potential clients. Details of how individual artists approach the preparing of songs not in their standard repertoire can be found on the bands’ profile pages. Alternatively feel free to call us at our office any time during our office hours with the song you have in mind and we’ll do the rest!

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  • How loud are the bands?

    All live music is played to a certain volume so as to create an impact on the audience and encourage them to dance. However many amateur groups are unable to control their volume levels, which is why at Rock Up Rock Out Entertainment we only represent the most professional and experienced of artists that can rock the dance floor without playing at an unacceptable volume.

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  • How long do the band play for?

    All listed prices on the bands’ profile pages are based on a performance of up to 2 hours of live music – unless stated otherwise. This would typically be spread over 2 x 1 hour sets or in some cases 3 x 40 minute sets. Other performance durations can be arranged at the time of the booking, tailoring the night to your specification, but anything in excess of the specified 2 hours would incur further charges.

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  • How do I make a complaint?

    We are totally committed to giving you the best possible experience in live entertainment and work hard to ensure this is rarely necessary. Should any of the services we provide unfortunately fall short of the high standards we pride ourselves on and expect from our artists then we need to know and would appreciate your feedback. This must be submitted to us in writing within 28 days of the event and we will respond to your concerns straight away.

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  • What is a sound limiter and what happens if the venue has a one?

    A sound limiter is a device installed by some venues that will temporarily cut the power supplied to the act should the volume cross a certain threshold. When booking a venue it is important to ask whether or not such a device is active. If so, contact us straight away so we can inform the band and they will prepare for the venue’s requirements accordingly. All of our acts are high quality professionals that don’t play any louder than required but they will need to bring the appropriate equipment (i.e. an electric drum kit) should the venue have a sound limiter with a low threshold.

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